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"Just wanted to let you know our barn sold very quickly. Thank you very much for the use of your website. What a wonderful tool! Please remove our listing as we are still receiving calls. Thank you again." - Tom Kee
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If preservation efforts have failed to save a barn or old outbuilding, we strongly encourage the adaptive re-use of it's materials instead of simply burning the structure or filling the local landfill with beautiful old barn wood. Furniture, flooring and newly timber framed buildings using reclaimed timbers can give old barn wood a new life that is appreciated by all and at the same time decrease the demand for wood products on our rapidly vanishing forests.

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Looking for old barn wood or hand hewn beams? Buy old barn beams and barn siding at Old barn boards from salvaged barns can make great barn wood furniture or barn wood paneling. Help the environment by using reclaimed barn wood in your project. Resawn barn wood makes beautiful rustic hardwood flooring.
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Want to sell your old barn wood? Salvaging an old barn for it’s beautiful old barn beams and barn siding helps give the barn new life in the form of reclaimed barn wood materials. Using reclaimed barn wood is also great for the environment. Barnwood is the original green building material! List your barn wood for sale here so barn wood buyers can see it.
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