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"Just wanted to let you know our barn sold very quickly. Thank you very much for the use of your website. What a wonderful tool! Please remove our listing as we are still receiving calls. Thank you again." - Tom Kee
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The unique, rustic appeal of barnwood furniture is evident the moment you look at it…craftsmanship, tight grain, incredible patina. Plus you'll get a bit of history the moment you buy a piece of furniture crafted from old barn wood. Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing you are decreasing the demands on our forest and landfills.

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Looking for a barnwood bed or barn wood bench or table? Find skilled barn wood artists here at the who hand craft rustic pieces of furniture from antique hand hewn beams and barn flooring and planks. Using these weathered barn boards and barn beams is truly "green" since the recycled barn wood is salvaged by the barn wood furniture makers and no new hardwood lumber is used to make the new furniture. This rustic or primitive furniture helps save old barns by giving the barn new life in the form of beautiful hand made furnishings for your home, rustic cabin or timber frame. Image a primitive farm table made from 200 year old oak barnwood planks!!
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We welcome barn wood furniture makers to list your barn wood furniture here. Thousands of people everyday visit and many are here to find and buy barnwood furniture. Barnwood benches, barn board cabinets and farm tables are very popular as are primitive & rustic beds made from old barn beams and barn planks. You can also use the to find people selling their old barns and barn wood. People ask us all the time..."how do I sell my old barn or barn wood and how do I know what my barnwood is worth?" Use The to locate your old barn wood sources. Many of these old barns are given away from free!!
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