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Selling a barn is very different from selling a house. When you want to sell a barn you must direct your marketing at people who buy old barns and barn wood. Ideally, the barn seller should want the barn buyer to be someone who is in the business of buying old barns because they will have the experience and know-how needed to safely remove an old barn.
Before you try and sell your old barn you must know a few things about the barn so that you can tell old barn buyers and barn salvage companies what it is you are trying to sell and they have an idea of what your old barn is worth. There are hundreds of old barns for sale at anytime on the internet but it's the old barns that are listed well in detail that sell the quickest for the most money.
When barn buyers look at old barns for sale they want to know the following:
  1. How old is the Barn?
    Determining the age of an old barn can be tricky unless you know a little about the barns construction and your local area's history. Hand hewn barns are typically older and will most often have wooden pegs holding the barn timbers together in conjunction with timber frame joinery. Talking to your local historic society can also help locate old deeds to the property which can help you determine the rough age of your old barn. Barn salvage contractors will want to know the age of the barn before visiting the barn so they can have an idea of what sorts of old wood they might be dealing with. Barns for sale that are older and in good shape are often worth more than newer barns due to the higher quality of the old growth timbers used in the making of the original barn beams.
  2. What type of wood is the barn made from?
    The barns timbers and barn board will be made of various woods like white and red oak, pine, hemlock, chestnut and hickory and poplar. These different woods have different values in today's reclaimed wood market and while there is no national standard of pricing for the vintage wood, some types of barn wood are worth much more than others. Barn buyers will want to know what type barn wood the barn is made of so they can calculate what the salvaged barn is worth on the retail market. Buyers of barns and old barn wood will also want to know if the barn is made from hand hewn beams or sawn beams. Hand hewn beams have a much more rustic look and feel and will usually come from older barns.
  3. What condition is the barn in?
    When people ask us "what is my barn worth" one of the most important questions asked about their old barn is what shape is it in? Old barns that are falling down or already on the ground may be Ok for a barn buyer who primarily uses the old barn boards and beams for resawn or reclaimed wood flooring. A barn buyer who specializes in restoring and relocating old vintage barns and timber frames will usually want only standing barns in decent shape so that they minimize the repair needed to restore and convert the old barn into new living space or a barn home conversion.
  4. How big is the old barn?
    People looking for old barns for sale will often be looking for a specific size or size range of a barn. Barn buyers and sellers typically refer to an old barns size by the size of the barns footprint. An example of a medium sized barn would be a 40'x60' barn. That would mean that the dimensions of the barn as it sits on the ground are forty feet wide by sixty feet long. Knowing the size of the old barn will allow potential buyers of the barn to roughly calculate how much salvage lumber, barn boards or beams and old reclaimed flooring would be in the barn.
  5. Time Frame & Clean-up
    Barn wood Companies and barn salvage contractors will usually be willing to pay less for your old barn if they have to clean up the site of the non salvageable wood and building materials than if they have to leave a clean site. This is because of the considerable cost of large dumpster to haul the left over junk wood and materials and the labor to put that material into the dumpster.
  6. Price of the Barn
    There is no magic formula in determining the sale price of your barn. The key thing to remember is that the old barn is worth what someone is willing to pay for it….Plain and simple. The price of old barn wood for sale varies greatly depending on its condition, type of and quantity of barnwood. Looking online at other barns similar to yours will give you an idea of what others are pricing their barns at. Keep in mind, there are two types of old barns being sold… restored old barns and barns as they are currently. Restored barn prices will be much higher than "as is" old barns since considerable time and effort has gone into the disassembly of the old barn timber frame, the barns restoration and relocation. The original cost of barn purchase also adds to the higher cost of restored barns as well as the barn restoration company's overhead and operating costs. An example of a restored price might be $50,000 while the same as is barn would be fairly priced at $3000-$5000.
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